Welcome Term 1, Week 7:

Monday: Walking School Bus daily theme - Be Bright, Be Seen day.


  • Walking School Bus theme - Funky Feet! 
  • Room 17 Trip to the Millenium Centre 9am - 3pm
  • Bible in Schools programme starts for our Year 2 & Year 3 classes 12-12.30pm
  • Early 12.30pm pick up for students that have indicated because of the NZEI Te Riu Roa - PAID UNION MEETINGS FOR TEACHERS.

Teachers at our school who are union members are joining an NZEI Te Riu Roa campaign called Kua Tae Te Wā - It’s Time to address issues of recruitment retention. The union’s goal is to free teachers to teach, and principals to lead, by getting the additional support and staff that schools need. They hope to attract more people to teaching by respecting and paying them as the professionals they are. You are advised that NZEI Te Riu Roa members at our school have been invited to paid union meetings so that teachers can plan and discuss their upcoming collective agreement negotiations.  Teachers will be discussing the nationwide crisis in recruiting and retaining teachers, support needed for administration and students with special needs. Our children deserve the best education in the world, and New Zealand can afford to provide it - it’s just a matter of priorities. Thank you for your co-operation in this important matter. THANK YOU


  • Walking School Bus theme - Wacky Wednesday (hair)
  • Room 18 & Room 19 Millennium Trip
  • Room 15 & Room 16 Trip to the Maritime Museum

Thursday: Walking School Bus theme - Super walkers (heroes)

Friday: Walking School Bus theme - The big walk! Auckland City Mission visiting to talk to the Kauri Whanau as part of their inquiry.  Koru Whanau assembly at 2.15pm, all welcome!


Please vote daily for the School Gen Competition - http://www.schoolgen.co.nz/voteforyourschool/ You can vote once per valid email per day- we need 560 votes per day to get one actual vote in their proportion system, to give all schools of various sizes a fair chance.  This promotion goes on till the start of April - so let's be consistent and in the habit of voting please.  IF we win one of the prizes ($25k, $15K or $10k) we will put it towards science and technology resources - and a virtual reality expeditions kit for the school.

Biking or scootering to school - please fill out this form if you give your child permission to bike or scooter https://goo.gl/forms/SBPB3H59pH0KlPrG3


What makes Sunnyhills such a unique school?

It is a place where children are articulate, caring and respectful, displaying a strong sense of citizenship; a place endorsed by a safe and nurturing community. Our parents have high expectations of their children, matched by unconditional support.  At Sunnyhills we strive to unlock the potential in every child as we grow lifelong learners.

Our business first and foremost is children’s learning; preparing our young people with the skills they need for the future. The Sunnyhills’ ‘Learning for life’ philosophy fosters independence, curiosity and critical thinking.  Students are engaged, and lead their own learning pathways through inquiry based topics.  They display a ‘have a go’ attitude and are not afraid to take responsible risks. 

Opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom are plentiful and diverse.  Children’s learning is supported by high quality teaching, well resourced classrooms, a music specialist and we have learning assistants in all of our junior classrooms. The Arts, sports and culture are valued and are an integral part of our varied programme.


Justine Driver