Term 1, Week 5:

Monday & Tuesday: business as usual

Wednesday: 8.30am PTA 2nd Hand Uniform Sale.  3.20-6.30pm Room 16 Partnership Interviews. 7pm PTA AGM & meeting

Thursday: R16 Partnership interviews continue (3.20-6.30pm)

Friday: 11am Middle Team Swimming Carnival, 2.15pm Middle Team Assembly in the Hall.


Two little words used freely and often in our society. How often do we stop to truly ponder the meaning and impact these words have? To give thanks with sincerity and receive thanks with graciousness is very important. Living with gratitude in our hearts leads to a state of contentment. This in turn has been proven to be beneficial to our happiness and wellbeing. Refrain from taking things for granted.  

I would like to thank the parents who gave up their time from work commitments last week to support our senior learners at the various Education Outside the Classroom (camp activities) and a special thanks also to our dedicated staff.  These experiences take them away from their families as they take extra special care to ensure your child has a wonderful experience.  I must also say many thanks to the rest of the staff at school who have stepped up during week 4 to cover duties and ensure everything else at Sunnyhills continued to run smoothly.


What makes Sunnyhills such a unique school?

It is a place where children are articulate, caring and respectful, displaying a strong sense of citizenship; a place endorsed by a safe and nurturing community. Our parents have high expectations of their children, matched by unconditional support.  At Sunnyhills we strive to unlock the potential in every child as we grow lifelong learners.

Our business first and foremost is children’s learning; preparing our young people with the skills they need for the future. The Sunnyhills’ ‘Learning for life’ philosophy fosters independence, curiosity and critical thinking.  Students are engaged, and lead their own learning pathways through inquiry based topics.  They display a ‘have a go’ attitude and are not afraid to take responsible risks. 

Opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom are plentiful and diverse.  Children’s learning is supported by high quality teaching, well resourced classrooms, a music specialist and we have learning assistants in all of our junior classrooms. The Arts, sports and culture are valued and are an integral part of our varied programme.

Justine Driver